The company El Patio Teatro presents in FIET, ‘Conservando memoria’

The company ElPatio Teatro de La Rioja presents in the # FIET2019 the show ‘Conservando memoria’!

Friday October 18
6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Ca ses Monges #Vilafranca
+ 10 years
Premiere in the Balearics
Theater of objects

Conservar. From Latin conservāre. Made up of the prefix with, of cum, and servāre that means to keep very well. Maintain or take care of the permanence or integrity of something or of someone. Keep alive and without hurt someone. Continue the practice of habits and customs. Save with care. Preserving a food in a suitable way. A game of questions to my grandparents, my desire to keep them with me, my personal pirouette to avoid absence, my homage to four important people in my life, my desire to preserve their memory.