How can I collaborate?

There are two types of Volunteering:

  • Accommodation : they open the doors of their house to welcome, for one or more days, the artists who will perform at the fair and also other professionals in the sector (programmers, distributors, etc.) In no case is diet coverage or other responsibilities requested towards the people staying in your home. From the FIET we take charge of the maintenance of the people staying, and we will act as intermediaries in the management of their reception to offer all the facilities to both families and professionals.
  • Room: they control the performance spaces and are in charge of customer service, always with the support of a member of the organization. A training meeting will be held before the FIET.

How do we appreciate your collaboration?

  • Participate in the raffle of a trip and stay for 4 people + tickets for the Barruguet Festival of family theater (Ibiza), from May 24 to 26, 2024.
  • Accommodation volunteers have a 35% discount on FIET tickets.
  • Accommodation and room volunteers are entitled to 1 free ticket for the opening or closing show, prior reservation and subject to availability.

cheer up! Volunteer!

To be part of the volunteering of the 21st edition of the Fiet you must fill out the following form:

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