¡Jaleiu: when the Marabunta roars!

Guillem Albà, in pure form, will open FIET 2021

When we saw among other “scenic nonsense” a little mermaid with a beard, parodying Disney lying on a table, “silly” magic games where you could see all the tricks, but it didn’t matter, or throwing pizzas to the public, All wrapped up in the hallucinating live performance of the six musicians from “The all in orchestra”, almost blew our brains out. It was the representation of Marabunta that we could enjoy in 2015 in the sports center of Vilafranca de Bonany, which seemed to be about to sink with the laughter and applause of a very dedicated audience. At the exit reigned euphoria and the audience, absolutely heterogeneous, a mixture made of children, youth and adults together with the professionals of the performing arts and programmers, who roared in a transversal and unanimous criticism: an unrepeatable experience.

Marabuntaat FIET2015

Thanks to that “infatuation” Albà/FIET, we have been able to enjoy with the new creations of Guillem Albà, like Pluja (with Clara Peya) or Calma! absolutely different but always full of poetry, humor, emotions and scenic art.

Plujaat FIET2017 with Clara Peya
Albà, Calma!FIET2019

Who is Guillem Albà?

I like acting. I’m happy. While I’m acting, it’s the only time that nothing hurts. No back pain, no headache. This only happens to me acting (or also in the water). I have never acted in the water, but I don’t know what would happen.”

Since childhood, I wanted to create shows of my own. To think I wanted to tell and how. It’s what I learned from my family, dedicated to puppet theatre Since childhood I saw how they rehearsed hours and hours, how they acted and how we went in a van up and down. Discover places, meet people. They didn’t expect anyone to call them to make a production. They did it their way. And this I have done, create shows of my own…and from time to time, combine it with other things that I propose. Where you also learn many things that make you grow.

“Living off this makes me happy, and all I’m trying to do is direct or act… is make people leave happy, convinced they haven’t wasted any time. And I thank them for coming to see us. And so, I’m doing. Creating and acting. Living a lot of adventures, traveling, and meeting a lot of people :)”

And, always, behind, we find Blai Rodríguez, producer and right hand of Guillem Albà, making things easy for the company’s creations to shine.

For this and much more, Guillem Albà & La Marabunta, come to the 19th Children’s and Youth Theatre Fair of the Balearic Islands with JALEIU, the opening work of FIET 2021.

JALEIU will open FIET2021!

JALEIU is a vitalist show, full of humor and live music, a party to which young and old are invited to come, full of rhythm and fun! Those who know the company, will know what we are talking about. We will see Albà accompanied by 6 musicians with a provocative, optimistic and fun work, a show to burst out laughing and, as they say themselves: make life a game.

Podreu gaudir de l’espectacle inaugural el dijous 15 d’octubre, a les 21:00 h a l’espai Poliesportiu 1, i com no podem definir-ho millor que ells mateixos:

Jaleiu, work in progress https://youtu.be/vir34ZDgMXI

“If we don’t like things, we change them and make a big Jaleiu*”. *commotion, racket

With this programming of Jaleiu, the FIET, returns to bet on the tender nonsense, on the stage. We will be able to taste again the creative and communicative energy, with that vocation to touch the skin of the spectator, of a Guillem Albà & La Marabunta in its purest state.

We are absolutely in favor of the artistic embrace full of humor and music by Guillem Albà!

“Gestated in pandemic, the show has the mission of making the public die laughing with the irreverent and crazy spirit of the company. An absurd politician, a tyrannical policeman, a lot of music and flying popcorn, remind us on stage that the coronavirus has not finished with live theater.”

Theatre review of Núria Juanico Llumà at Diari Ara

“Guillem Albà has a good time on stage. And he spreads it. To the musicians. And also, to the audience. From minute 1. It’s hard to understand how easily everyone gets into the game. But this magic of communion happens and you don’t care what happens, what outlandish character is presented in the scene and where each gag drifts. It is chlorophyll freshness. It is a cola drink staining sweaty shirt and tightening policeman seams. It’s a good-sounding electric guitar chord, topped with a dotted ukulele. It’s what he wants it to be.”

Theatre review of Jordi Bordes at Recomana

More information at: https://www.guillemalba.com/index.php


Creation, Direction and Interpretation: Guillem Albà Musicians: Edgar Gómez, Àlvar Monfort, Albert Comaleras, Martí Soler, Luisma Villegas, Irene GarcésMusical Direction: Albert Comaleras Musical Composition: Guillem Albà & La Marabunta Assistant Director, and stage manager: Sergio Martínez Costume designer: Nídia Tusal Movement: Ariadna Peya Voice from offstage: Natza Farré Lighting design: Ignasi Solé Technic Direction and sound: Ton Mentruit Construction work: Xavi Arbonès, L’Estaquirot Teatre Official photographer: David Ruano Promotional video: Kiku Piñol Photos and creation process videos: Anna Tisora Production assistant: Berta García Direction of production and Management: Blai Rodríguez

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