The first 65 subscriptions of the FIET, in the Fira del meló

Biggest Melon competition in Vilafranca de Bonany. Fira del meló 2021

This last Sunday, September 4, the Fira del Meló was held in Vilafranca de Bonany. The grounds of the park, Josep Maria Llompart, were conditioned so that stalls could be installed. In the open air and doing a good access control, finally it was possible to recover, minimally, the celebration, but with all the prevention measures to be able to enjoy it with tranquility both the carnies and the numerous attendees to the event.

In addition, the “Concurs del Meló més gros” was held in which the historical record was broken with a melon that reached 24,260 kilos.

With Sa Xerxa, as every first Sunday in September, we set up our stand, to start the countdown for the celebration of the FIET. The “vilafranquers”, for the most part, took advantage of the opportunity to buy the first season tickets for the FIET 2021at the first price. In total, 65 10-ticket vouchers were sold. The people who approached the stand were already able to browse and pick up the first programs of the XIX Fira de teatre infantil i juvenil de les Illes Balears that will have about 40 different plays.

We think that this Fira del meló has been a good experience and a good “test”, which opens the way for the celebration of a good FIET 2021.

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“In October we have melons* to re-make a new FIET!” *to be brave, have the guts

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